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  • Writers Police Academy 2023

    Hey! Hi there! I had such a blast at Writer’s Police Academy in 2023! Here are the highlights as well as the full length, fully captioned video of the demonstration on day two! X O X O Part 1 (8:34) Part 2 (11:18)

  • New Section – Author Tips!

    Hey! Hi there! I added a new section today—Author Tips! So to preface this, I tend to take whatever I’m working on (school, my former job, now this) as an opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I will ALWAYS take people under my wing and … inevitably I end up with an amazing social…

  • Website and Newsletter Launch!

    Hey! Hi there! I finally got my website and newsletter up and running. Check back often for new content and info on my upcoming books. I’m currently hard at work on Silence of the Moon, Secrets of the Moon Book Two. I’ll set up a pre-order link as soon as I’m confident of the release…